Female Forward Feast

An at home collaboration, celebrating female chefs and female winemakers every Thursday during Women’s month IN AUGUST.

During national lockdown these chefs met whilst donating soup or baking breads, cooking & volunteering at Ladles of Love, a soup kitchen that feeds communities in Cape Town.

A celebration of woman in food and wine, through a collaboration by five kitchens and five wineries. Cape Town has a vibrant and diverse culinary scene, which we are all proud to be a part of. We believe that by supporting each other and working together on projects during this very challenging period for all of us, and we know, for all of you, we can make our industry and our businesses stronger.

This women’s month we want to mark our diversity and offer our patrons a variety of special experiences. On each Thursday during August you can celebrate with us by enjoying the unique approach and concept of the different chefs and winemakers that all add to the culinary and vinous diversity that our city has to offer.

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Sepial's Kitchen #FFF set menu

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To celebrate August, the Women’s month, Sepial’s Kitchen is presenting a Korean style hansang (a traditional one-person table setting with various small dishes).

The menu will include a special whole baby daikon radish kimchi using organic radishes grown by Iming Lin of Meuse Farm in Hout Bay and sea lettuce in salt harvested by Hilda Adams, who is working on reviving public interest in indigenous South African ingredients.
Beautifully folded chicken & herb mandoo (dumplings) in chicken consommé.
Miyeok (Korean seaweed) & cucumber salad dressed with roast chili oil & soy sauce vinaigrette. Root vegetable tempura served with homemade persimmon kombucha vinegar dipping
Beef short ribs braised with mushrooms and kombu
Steamed rice cake with lotus leaf tea

Our paired wine to go with this menu is the wonderful Saurwein Chi Riesling 2019 - pre-order here:


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